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Skyline Limo

Mini Corporate Coach Shuttle Bus

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Up to 24
Servicing Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater, Orlando and Sarasota.

Discover Elite Group Transportation with Our Mini Corporate Coach

Welcome to the next level of group transportation with our specially designed Mini Corporate Coach Shuttle Bus, ideal for accommodating 24 passengers. This vehicle is the epitome of blending efficiency and luxury, making it the top choice for corporate group transportation needs.

Sleek Exterior Design: Our Mini Corporate Coach features a state-of-the-art, modern exterior. Adorned in professional shades, this coach not only looks the part but also ensures privacy with its tinted windows, a key aspect for any group transportation service.

Luxurious Interior Comfort: Enter a world where comfort meets style. Our coach’s interior is lined with plush, reclining seats, covered in the finest materials. Designed for group travel, the seating arrangement allows for easy access, ensuring a relaxed journey for all passengers.

Advanced Onboard Amenities: Tailored for the modern group traveler, our coach comes equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi and convenient charging ports, essential for staying connected. Spacious overhead compartments provide ample storage, a must-have solution.

Customized Lighting and Climate Control: Experience a serene travel environment, thanks to our adjustable lighting and individual reading lights. The coach’s sophisticated climate control system maintains an ideal temperature, essential for group travel comfort.

Uncompromised Safety Features: Safety is a top priority of our services. Every seat features a secure seat belt, and the coach includes an extensive first aid kit. Enhanced with advanced driver assistance technology, our coach ensures a safe journey under the guidance of expert drivers.

Urban Navigation Capability: Designed for urban efficiency, our Mini Corporate Coach is perfect for navigating city streets, making it an excellent choice for service between hotels, airports, conference venues, and corporate offices.

Elevate your group transportation experience with our Mini Corporate Coach – where luxury, comfort, and practicality come together for the ultimate travel solution.

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