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7 Tips On Booking Your Wedding Transportation.

Weddings hold a special place in our lives, as
one of the many milestones we have in building a family. Planning
transportation for you and your guests should be the least of your worries.
Here are 7 simple tips from Skyline Limousine to help ease the burden of
booking transportation on your wedding day.

Regardless of what time of year your wedding date is planned booking
early is always the best way to get the transportation you want and need that
fits your budget. Waiting is not an option. Typically, the busiest time for
wedding transportation begins in February and starts to taper off in late June
early July. Keep in mind Prom is during this same time, and in the fall,
weddings are competing for availability due to Homecoming and sporting transportation.
So, don’t wait to book your reservation.

Know the
answers. Keep in Communication.
Make sure your contact information is
accurate and they can get in touch with you prior to your special day and on
your special day. Limousine companies will need the following information;
Date, Time, Location of pick up, drop off and any stops in between, also how
many passengers. It is also wise not to max out on the capacity of passengers
especially when it comes to the bride and her brides’ maids. (make extra room
for dresses).

Map your
Most people don’t consider the travel time between the pickup and
drop offs and the stops, to the venue, then to the reception.  Map out all your stops and give extra time
for the driver to navigate to all these locations. Essentially, he or she is
driving the equivalent to a bus, so navigating tight turns and small drive ways
may take additional time, so account for these minor but significate problems
that could affect your time.

Plan your
time wisely. Know what to expect.
Most if not all Limousine companies
charge by the hour with a 3 to 5 hour minimum some as high as 6 hours. Plan your
time accordingly and maximize the use of your Limousine rental and your
Chauffer. Pick up the Bridal party, stop for photos, then off to the venue for
more photos, then leave from the Venue to your reception.

5.       Ask questions about company policies. Most
if not all limousine companies have policies in place regarding wait times,
cleaning and sanitation fees, and additional tolls, and parking fees. Know what
these policies are so you are not surprised by additional fees on the back end.

6.       Do Research. Look up reviews on several different sights to
ensure you are getting the best quality at the best price.

7.       Have fun! Remember why you are booking
this in the first place. Some
couples want to book a group vehicle to enjoy the company of their friends and
family. Others want to reserve, an intimate getaway vehicle for two. Regardless
of your reason let Skyline Limousine be that transportation that gets you


Check out the variety of vehicles in our
fleet that can service your Wedding day needs. As always check out our reviews
and join our social media groups for more updates and tips on how to how to
have smooth and enjoyable transportation at your fingertips. Listed below are
also some of Tampa’s newest and most frequently used venues for weddings and
special occasions. 

Wedding Event locations:

Bryan Glazer JCC events and wedding venues


Tpepin’s Hospitality Centre-


Chic Venue USF Campus Branch-


The Epicenter Event Venue-


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