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Tips for Choosing Cruise Shuttle in Tampa

Now that your cruise is booked, there are still a few more decisions to make and things to do before you pack those bags and walk out that door. For instance: choosing the right cruise ship shuttle service to and from the cruise port can make a huge difference as to how smoothly your trip begins and/or ends. Here are a few tips to help you select the best cruise ship shuttle for your upcoming cruise:
1. Pay attention to reputation
The internet provides many different airport shuttle companies to choose, as there are multiples. However, when it comes to timely pickups and drop-offs, courteous drivers, clean , and comfortable vans that can accommodate your group size and luggage, not all cruise ship shuttle companies are equal.
Reputation matters and the best way to determine what kind of an experience you can expect is to check the company’s reviews online (Yelp, Google, Trip Advisor). In addition, make sure to check that the shuttle company is fully licensed and completely committed to getting you to your destination safely and comfortably 
2. Choose the right shuttle size
When it comes to cruise shuttles, size does matter. There are several different shuttle sizes that your group can choose from. Choose from 10 passenger vans for smaller groups, 14 passenger shuttles for midsize groups, and mini coaches for those larger groups. If your group is 6 people or less, SUV service is the perfect choice to get to and from the port. Whatever you choose, always make sure you have enough room for your baggage.
3. Will my cruise shuttle be on time
Travel plans are always changing, whether it is due to weather and other unforeseen situations, your scheduled flight may get off schedule. So, in your search for your cruise ship shuttle, you will want to ensure that your cruise shuttle service will always be on time for your group. Reliable shuttle services will look ahead at the weather and traffic for that area at that time you will need service, to better assist in what time they should be arriving at your house to get you to the port on time. This is something that you can ask their dispatch, as they should be knowledgeable in foreseeing any problems with the timing of your reservation. 

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