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Tips for Homecoming Rentals | Homecoming Limos

Fall season is here; that means football, fall festivals, and all kinds of exciting memorable events are on the horizon.

If you are a parent with children of High school age, then you know that Homecoming season is upon us, and the stress of planning and budgeting for such a memorable event is no fun. Here are a few tips from Skyline Limousine to help ease the pain and put the fun and memories back into Homecoming.

-Book early. Booking and planning early is “always” the best option, as time goes on options become limited and prices go up based on supply and demand.

-Go in as a group. Paying for Limousine service can become costly. Splitting the cost with other parents and students is always a good idea. As a group this allows for “everyone” to spend the extra dollars elsewhere; ie. make-up, hair, nails, nicer suite etc.

-Do your research shop around and look at reviews of other Limo companies the last thing you want is a Chauffeur that is not knowledgeable, and courteous to High schoolers. Ask questions at the schools as well many schools classify limos as bus transportation and require them to follow the same traffic patterns for busing, be sure to ask ahead and relay this information to your limo company drivers will not know this information unless you pass it along to them.

-Know what to expect. Most if not all Limousine companies charge by the hour with a 3 to 5 hour minimum some as high as 6 hours. Plan your Homecoming event around this and maximize the use of your limo rental by stopping for photos, or a quick bite to eat. Whether you use the extra time on the front end before Homecoming or on the Back end after. Either way your dollars will stretch further if you plan around this.

Skyline Limousine has been a been a premier service provider for the Tampa, St Pete, and Clearwater area since 2007. Check out the links below for the reviews and request a quote today.



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