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Safety Harbor Songfest Sponsor

Skyline Limousine is a proud sponsor of Safety Harbor Art and Music Center (SHAMc)’s Songfest! The event is taking place on Saturday, April 7th at Safety Harbor Art and Music Center and Waterfront Park. 
The event is definitely not one to miss! SHAMc has really outdone themselves with this event. The lineup is incredible and the food vendors are to die for! The staff at SHAMc has also put together playlists on Spotify and SoundCloud as a teaser for what is to come at the festival. They have also come out with an app that is the ultimate guide to the event, which will end up being your best friend! They have not released a full itinerary for attendees, but their listed activities so far are: kayak rentals, live art demonstrations, live performing artists, wine art lounge, craft beer and food truck vendors, musician's merchandise sales, artist merchandise sales, made-to-order t-shirts, kids activities and more!

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