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Many clients call Skyline Limousine requesting our limousine service for just one hour.  Unfortunately, like many other transportation companies, one-hour limousine service is not usually offered.  According to recent studies, it is estimated that 95% of the limousine industry does not provide limousine service for one hour, and there are good business reasons for this.  To maintain quality of service for the consumer there is usually 1-2 hours of total prep (before the job) and cleanup time (after the job) for any booking regardless of length, and it simply is not cost effective for most companies to send a limo out for only one hour. Limousines are 3 times the size of standard vehicles, thus it takes more time and attention to prepare these vehicles.

Some of the most common uses for limousine services include business travel, airport services, weddings, proms, and parties.  To hire a limousine, most providers require a minimum hourly booking, typically 3 to 5 hours depending on the time of day or year. Particular times of the year can be much busier as well, such as the spring.  This increased demand can equate to longer hourly minimums.  One-hour hires are usually reserved for sedans, SUVs, and vans, where the service is most cost effective for both the client and the service provider. 

When hiring a limousine beyond one hour, it is customary to budget gratuity in your rental cost.  The average gratuity is 15-20% based on the total fare and is a reflection of service.  Limousine chauffeurs earn their living by providing excellent service in exchange for gratuities, much like waiters do in fine dining establishments.

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